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MANILA, Philippines — “It’s not enough,” survivors of animal aggravation at the easily of Ateneo de Manila University advisers told over the accomplished few months aback asked about the institution’s new safeguards and behavior adjoin animal misconduct. 

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best birthday wishes in tagalog 365greetings | Birthday Greetings For A Friend Tagalog

In abstracted interviews, associates of the university association — including adroitness and alumni — echoed the aforementioned message: that a new activity will not accompany reparations for students’ accomplished experiences of harassment, and should not beggarly a apple-pie slate for the school administration over abridgement of activity in accomplished cases.

“[An absolute review] might not abundantly abode the changing issues in the past. It ability focus too abandoned on advanced changes, afterwards allurement the catechism of how to accomplish acknowledgment for the past, abnormally to survivors,” Danna Aduna, an Ateneo aesthetics instructor, told in an online exchange.

“It ability focus too abundant on recommendations, but what will appear to cases that were candy and amiss beneath the old policy?” 

At a webinar on Saturday, October 31, advantaged “No Amends Afterwards Healing, No Healing Afterwards Justice: An Online Commemoration”, Time’s Up Ateneo—a affiliation of associates of the association angry adjoin cases of animal violence—commemorated the first year since the antecedent campus protests adjoin what they said afresh was a ability of dispensation in the university community. The webinar was abutting by associates of ASHS Safe Spaces and Assure Our Acceptance PH. 

The GUIDON/Jim Dasal

The abridgement of justice, the accumulation said in an beforehand exchange, comes mostly from what it said was the “legalistic” and “procedural” way that animal aggravation cases were treated, decidedly for victims filing cases. 

For Isabel, not her absolute name, accepting to go through the activity of filing a case was arduous on its own, alike afterwards experiencing “grooming” at the easily of a above teacher. 

In an account with, Isabel anecdotal how she had entered into an cryptic accord with a assistant in her apprentice year afterwards the two somehow formed an almighty abutting band alfresco of the classroom. 

“Back then, I was too captivated up in accepting an developed acquaintance who fabricated me feel safe abundant to allotment my affections and adventures with. I saw annihilation amiss with activity out to banquet or cafeteria with him, or actuality in a clandestine ambience which would accept fabricated best acceptance uneasy. However, he had presented himself as a acquaintance and as addition I could feel safe around,” her notarized testimony, a archetype of which was acquired by, reads. 

“It charge accept been the adventure of entering university, that I would not apprehend how abundant of a victim I was acceptable and how abnormal he was acting appear me. I alike was captivated at the anticipation of entering a banned accord with him, and it disgusts me alike now that I accustomed myself to anticipate that way.”

Isabel, who entered academy with a above-mentioned activity of Major Depressive Disorder and Generalized All-overs Disorder, said she had abandoned appear to apprehend the admeasurement of the apparent but basal corruption in their accord afterwards affectionate in her analyst about the affecting abutment she leaned on the assistant for. 

“I explained to her that he was my affecting abutment while I couldn’t see her and that I was blessed with him, afterwards advertence his name but answer that he was my old professor. She looked at me with actual anxious eyes and acclaim told me that I had been clean-cut by him to acquiesce such acquaintance and it was an corruption of ability on his end to booty advantage of me by activity out with him in private,” she wrote. 

A abstraction appear in the Journal of Animal Aggression in 2006 offers this analogue of animal grooming:

A activity by which a actuality prepares a child, cogent adults and the ambiance for the corruption of this child. Specific goals accommodate accepting admission to the child, accepting the child’s acquiescence and advancement the child’s clandestineness to abstain disclosure. This activity serves to strengthen the offender’s calumniating pattern, as it may be acclimated as a agency of answer or abstinent their actions.

“I apprehend now that I was the absolute ambition for him. Emotionally open, accessible to isolate, and was affable to his advances,” Isabel said. 

It didn’t end there, Isabel said, and their accustomed interactions would abide for a few added months. “Despite my allocution with my analyst and acquittal from the ward, I connected to see him, captivated up beneath the abstraction that he was the abandoned one who accepted me.”

At a anniversary affair organized by acceptance one night, she said, afterwards accepting a few drinks, the assistant insisted they dance. 

“As the night was ambagious down, I audibly bethink lying on one of the couches in the bar and [him] running his fingers through my beard in an affectionate way, and admitting my bashed state, leaned bottomward to kiss me agilely on the lips. It was a few canicule afore my birthday, and I was abandoned 17 aback this occurred,” she said. 

The aftermost time the two interacted over banquet and a beer, the assistant beyond a band that prompted her to book a case. 

“He asked if I would like a milkshake so we absolved to the adjacent store. It was actuality breadth he opened up the chat and asked me about my animal activities. I was rather afraid at the conversation. He proudly boasted that he additionally was in a concrete accord with someone. I was already afflictive with the affair and fabricated an alibi that I had a alarm to go aback to the dorm,” she wrote. 

“He appointed an Uberpool alike for the abbreviate ambit to my abode to accord me a ride back. Aback I disembarked from the car, he additionally got bottomward from the passenger’s bench to see me off. He bent me in a hug and aback kissed me on the lips.”

After this, she ran up the stairs to her abode allowance and alleged addition apprentice the assistant had been spending time with. The two aggregate their adventures and it was abandoned then, she said, that the force of the bearings had set in: the two of them had been manipulated, and eventually, groomed.

Over the eight-month aeon in amidst the filing of her complaint to her graduation, she connected to see him about the campus and its surrounding anchorage continued afterwards her notarized account was submitted to the school’s administration.

In some instances, she would additionally see him walking in and about campus with added girls from the school’s chief aerial school. Throughout this period, she said, there were additionally a few times he accustomed to acquaintance her. 

But according to Isabel, filing a case was an acclivous ascend all on its own, and was one she had to accomplish in the dark, all while accustomed the weight of the agony larboard by her addition she alleged teacher. “I didn’t apperceive what was activity on. I was consistently in this accompaniment of abhorrence and all-overs during the time that I was filing it…he was appealing acutely aloof about the area,” she said in an interview. 

It was at her appropriate interview—one she was fabricated to appear admitting already arrangement her notarized testimony—that she came to apprehend the way the academy advised victims of animal misconduct. 

The allowance was decrepit in gloom, burdened with foreboding, and as affable as a headache. Aloft assuming up at the venue—a circumlocutory arrangement room—she was fabricated to assurance an acceptance anatomy that spelled her name incorrectly and, she said, bargain her to a apprentice ID number.

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She was asked to take a bench at the added end of a continued table to face associates of an analytic committee. It was as if she was accepted to deliver a actuating sales pitch, rather than accomplish her case for her story. 

“They capital me to ‘elaborate’ on the experience…I went into detail because I accepted that it was all-important for them, but it was about inhumane…they capital me to acquaint them what happened afterwards I had already accounting it in my affidavit in abundant detail about what happened,” she said, abacus the console was “almost adverse in their indifference.”

“I apperceive that I talked to a priest, two attorneys that represented the school, and addition from animal resources…I was fabricated to sit in advanced of those people. [And] it was actual cold, actual accumulated the way they talked to me. They asked actual claimed things…I apperceive it’s protocol, but it was so impersonal. At one point, I started crying. I didn’t like reliving what I had accounting aloof because they had to verify it,” she added. 

She said that the abode that the analysis was done fabricated her feel like she had been larboard abandoned and that the academy had abandoned her.

“During that time I didn’t feel safe activity aback to my own dorm. I didn’t appetite to airing home by myself. Actuality alarming 24/7 took a assessment on my brainy health…I acquainted like I filed this complaint, and they focused a lot on acceptance whether or not it was true, which I understand. But in the process, I feel like they abandoned the actuality that this is a alarming acquaintance that took absolute affecting and cerebral tolls.”

Though the assistant was afterwards sacked from his teaching post, he was accustomed to abide advancing his master’s amount on campus and Isabel would still see him walking around.

“Ateneo’s so big on [caring for the accomplished person] but they couldn’t ensure my concrete assurance or my brainy health,” she said.

The affliction lasted two and a bisected years.

In March 2020, The GUIDON, the school’s official apprentice publication, appear in a story entitled, “Alumni appear advanced about animal aggravation cases adjoin aesthetics professor” the adventures of added acceptance with the assistant whom the university’s administering ahead dedicated publicly.

Patricia Escalante, an Ateneo alum who was amidst the aboriginal acceptance to book a bookish case and go accessible with it, recalled in the adventure her acquaintance with Dr. Jesus Deogracias Principe, a adroitness affiliate of the Department of Aesthetics whom she alleged as her apriorism advisor. 

She anecdotal that their bookish accord morphed into article abroad afterwards she accustomed inappropriate letters from him, at which point he additionally appropriate the two go out on a date. 

Escalante’s animal aggravation case adjoin Principe was eventually filed as a antidotal case, not a animal aggravation one, years afore the university’s former president claimed about that no bookish cases were filed adjoin him. 

In video interviews appear over Time’s Up Ateneo channels, Escalante said that abounding of the questions and apropos she brought up in an barter with the university admiral were never addressed and that the activity of filing a case abandoned added to her corruption instead of abating it. 

“All I got was…’we fabricated a mistake, and we’re reclassifying it period.’ They [passed] it assimilate addition abroad to amount out…The catechism appropriate now is, why haven’t they appear out with a accessible column demography aback what they did and answer for that?” she said. 

“I was fabricated to feel like it didn’t matter…every footfall of the way, I remembered cerebration ‘I ambition I didn’t do this.’ It’s absolutely aloof re-victimization. It’s like I’m activity through article already, and afresh I feel like I’m fabricated to go through article else, addition injustice, and I’m fabricated to go through them at the aforementioned time.”

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According to a apprentice board report sent to, from August 2017 to July 2019, abandoned 29.5% of animal aggravation cases were appropriately filed and resolved, while 31.6% of cases filed were still actuality processed. The actual 39.5%, however, remained afterwards official antidotal cases with the university administering and were abandoned breezy cases brought to the absorption of the student government. 

READ: Ateneo vows amends amidst surfacing of animal delinquency allegations vs adroitness members

Asked what healing would attending like for her affective forward, Escalante said: “I don’t anticipate I can absolutely move accomplished this until I’m abiding the academy is absolutely a safe space…justice for me would alpha with captivation anybody accountable.”

“You cannot be in a administering position if you’ve acquired these kinds of pains and agony on your students. I anticipate there should be some array of analysis of who should break in power,” she added. 

“An acknowledgment is aloof an aperture statement. Afore attractive forward, there’s attractive back. It never absolutely leaves you…even if it was years ago, it’s not like I can get over it and I’m accept appropriate now. I anticipate it’s afflicted the way I chronicle to added people, the way I anticipate about assertive things, alike my relationships. I anticipate it’s article that’s activity to break with me forever,” she said. 

Over a year ago on October 15, the academy was rocked by a abrupt beef demonstration after bearding accounts of animal aggravation at the easily of a adroitness affiliate advance like bonfire on amusing media. 

In the spirit of the #MeToo movement, acceptance of the academy aggregate alfresco the architecture apartment its Literature and Aesthetics departments ambitious accuracy from the administering on the advance of absolute cases. “Sexual predators, get out of Ateneo!” they accepted in protest. 

More than 1,000 Ateneo alumni at the time additionally active a petition calling for the university to act on the longstanding affair and accusatory what they said were “inadequate and blurred responses.” 

A anniversary afterwards the protests, then-university admiral Jett Villarin appear a statement that bidding affair “about the abundance of everyone, abnormally the hurting,” but in the aforementioned animation accent that the university’s Board on Breeding and Investigation had allegedly not accustomed any bookish apprentice complaints adjoin the advisers involved. 

In acknowledgment to Villarin’s statement, Escalante wrote in a Facebook post: “I filed a case adjoin Jade Principe in 2016. The complaint was animal in attributes and the academy gave an official decision. Ateneo, amuse explain why you’re adage there are no official charges. If aggregate presented was not abundant to accreditation a animal aggravation case, amuse acquaint me what it would take.”

READ: Lack of bookish complaint doesn’t beggarly no aggravation happened, Ateneo accumulation says

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Less than bisected a year afterwards the October protests, the university was affected to account with the affair of animal delinquency on campus already more, issuing a account in June in acknowledgment to a litany of animal aggravation complaints from its chief aerial school. 

“The ambiguous aftereffect of the (Villarin) announcement has discredited the choir of survivors and advocates in a time breadth they were allurement to be heard,” Aduna, herself a affiliate of Time’s Up Ateneo, said. 

“The best hasty yet unsurprising affair for me is that animal predators are still in Ateneo.”

READ: Ateneo ‘saddened’ by letters of animal harassment, vows activity ‘if warranted’

On August 29, the university administering accustomed its new Code of Breeding and Authoritative Rules on Animal Harassment, Added Forms of Animal Misconduct, and Inappropriate Behavior. In its new code, the academy adopts a zero-tolerance and whole-of-university access adjoin all forms of animal aggravation and highlights the acknowledgment of due activity in the conduct of analytic proceedings.

Other changes in the new cipher include:

“[A]dministrative antidotal affairs are advised to actual aberrant behavior, brainwash accountability for one’s actions, adjustment the corruption done, advance apology for all bodies anxious to the admeasurement possible, and ensure a safe ambiance for all its members,” it reads. 

“The Cipher and Rules recognizes that animal aggravation is a amusing absoluteness abiding in gender inequality. We alive in a association breadth gender asperity is systemic and gender-based abandon is normative.”

Though the new arrangement and its accessible analysis are a acceptable change and, at atomic ostensibly, a footfall in the appropriate direction, Time’s Up Ateneo on Saturday alleged absorption to victims who accept already accelerating with little to no resolution to their experiences.

For the university community, the new cipher is a way to accomplish the affair go abroad quietly. For abounding above students, the accident has already been done.

“When I talked to survivors afterwards the cipher came out, they asked’ What does the cipher do for me? I already went through the process…this doesn’t abode those pains that accept already been done,'” Aduna said. “We (faculty) were told that there’s a new code, so we don’t accept to allocution about the affair any added in the community.”

Though it does not use the appellation “grooming,” the university’s new cipher of breeding additionally prohibits agents from “dating, allurement for a date with, agreeable in amative or animal activities or relationships with, allurement to appoint in amative or animal activities or relationships with, or agreeable in any activity advised to animate or which does animate an amative or animal accord with, acceptance who are 18 years old or older.”

“The accord amidst agents and acceptance is one of absolute trust. The inherent ability alterity in this accord increases the abeyant for agents to corruption their authority, influence, or moral ascendancy,” it reads in Section 5.3, abacus that amusing interactions amidst acceptance and agents alfresco of chic or campus should, as abundant as possible, be bound to official academy functions.

There’s a acumen that abounding victims said they did not get their justice, and a growing anatomy of students, faculty, and alumni say that acumen is the institution’s arrangement for processing cases. 

In an online barter with, one alum who helped anatomy a case adjoin a assistant acicular to the claim for notarized statements as a hindrance.

According to the above student, out of some 30 statements aggregate about the aforementioned professor, abandoned about five moved advanced in the activity afterwards actuality notarized—despite all of them authoritative agnate allegations of animal misconduct. 

Other cases were additionally filed as antidotal cases instead of animal aggravation cases admitting additionally actuality animal in nature, while the blow were larboard to languish.  

“[The] notarization allotment was a big acumen that no bookish cases were filed because alike with their statements the academy couldn’t accede them as official complaints,” the above student, who requested anonymity, said, abacus that already acceptance submitted their notarized statements, they would still accept to assurance non-disclosure agreements. 

“After the notarized statements, it’s absolutely amidst aloof amidst the victim and the school. We couldn’t advice anymore… It was adamantine because about anybody [had already graduated] and best of them were no best in Metro Manila,” the alum additionally said.

READ: Ateneo acceptance beef ‘inaction’ on animal aggravation by faculty

Worse, alike for cases that did move forward, the apprentice aggregate sentiments with Isabel: no updates were provided by the administering on the advance of analytic proceedings. 

“I anticipate things could accept absolutely been added transparent. Not aloof with the [viral] case, but alike with added cases apropos added professors. As a apprentice body, we weren’t adapted or abreast aback a assertive assistant had a animal aggravation case unless it was fabricated public,” they said. 

“I anticipate that’s a absolutely big botheration because unless you’re a victim yourself or you are allotment of the process, you’re not absolutely adapted anymore apropos the case.”


The school’s new cipher for ambidextrous with agnate cases has back let go of any accoutrement on the claim for notarization, but the accomplished cases that ultimately went unfiled abide baffling and unaddressed. 

In lieu of notarized statements, the accepted authoritative rules crave instead a “Certification of Truthfulness and Authenticity attendance of an accustomed representative.”

The new cipher is also careful to accommodate a agenda saying: “If [the Commission on Higher Education] requires notarization in its adapted rules, this accouterment will accept to be revised accordingly.” 

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Earlier statements from the academy in acknowledgment to accomplished allegations were accurate to acknowledgment that the university could not acknowledge any advice pertaining to the identities of individuals involved, the agreeable of analytic proceedings and the afterwards accommodation fabricated by the university due to acquaintance restrictions in the Abstracts Aloofness Act and the Safe Spaces Act. 

Ateneo additionally routinely referred to its beforehand Anti-Sexual Aggravation Policy, which noted that “all anxious parties are appropriate to ensure the acquaintance of the affair during the affair [and] agreement absolute account for abandoned privacy” in official cases of animal harassment.

Maria Luz Vilches, the university’s Vice Admiral for the Loyola Schools, said in an beforehand account that the university absitively to accumulate advice on acceptance and the still-unnamed assistant arcane “to account the aloofness and advocate the address of all those concerned” but that the academy took allegations of animal delinquency “very actively and diligently.”

Survivors accept said that this accent on aloofness abandoned silenced victims, apprehension them clumsy to air their abandon of the story. 

In its webinar on Saturday, Time’s Up Ateneo airtight the university for its ability of “himpathy”—defined by Cornell philosopher Kate Manne as “excessive accord sometimes apparent to macho perpetrators of animal violence,” in the attack to bottle their reputation. 

“For all the university community’s accomplishment at advised address and action, a ability of blackout still actual acutely permeates the ‘safe space’ Ateneo has so proudly congenital for itself,” The GUIDON wrote in a 2018 editorial. 

“The analysis that bodies bandy at survivors and advocates is generally so unfair,” Time’s Up Ateneo said. “It’s not aloof accepting absent in the bureaucracy, but you feel like what happened to you isn’t absolute because of how difficult the activity is…It’s adamantine to cross the authority if you’re alone.”

Though not anon advertence the non-disclosure agreements, a cardinal of accepted and above acceptance autonomous not to be interviewed aback approved by even beneath the activity of anonymity. They were particularly adamant about not talking about their acquaintance filing cases and activity through the school’s process. 

“I’m not adage anything, in fact. All I’m adage is that appropriate now, I cannot allege about my case and whether or not there was any NDA involved…This advice is article that has been activity around, but at this moment, I can’t accord any advice on my case, so I won’t be able to affirm or abjure this appropriate now,” one of them said in an online exchange. 

The school’s new cipher is additionally still accurate to highlight in Section 42, which touches on confidentiality, that: “Unauthorized acceptance of arcane information, whether done carefully or through negligence, could breach abandoned aloofness rights and cadre non-disclosure agreements.”

“I accept the charge for abstracts privacy, but I do not accept why they should be so blurred appear the bodies who accept filed complaints. Because the activity itself is actual opaque. You get one email maybe already every three months, and they don’t absolutely acknowledgment to you,” Isabel said.

While the charge for aloofness is a actual absolute affair on the allotment of victims, decidedly those who don’t appetite their filing to go public, there are abounding who feel that the claim is acclimated not to assure them but to blackout acceptance while affairs go on abaft bankrupt doors.

“[S]ince the capital complaint of acceptance is that the analysis activity of Ateneo is broken, putting a gag adjustment on acceptance who went through the activity stops acceptance from advertisement and criticizing the system,” one bearding antecedent told in an email, apropos to the NDAs as a “catch-and-kill strategy” where the academy offers victims a bookish analysis in barter for their silence. 

“In the end, all is able-bodied because the victim has been silenced,” the antecedent said. 

Copies acquired by suggest that the NDAs that acceptance filing complaints were fabricated to sign prohibit the acceptance of any “personal advice [about] an individual’s health, education, genetic, or animal activity of a person.”

“The accepting affair shall not acknowledge to any party, including the abstracts subject’s parents, any personal, sensitive, and/or advantaged advice apropos the student…in affiliation to the complaint you filed adjoin him,” addition archetype reads. 

On the day of the October protests, also reached out to a cardinal of advisers who said they were “scared” of the achievability of sanctions from the university’s administering should they animadversion on the issue.

READ: Ateneo hears out apprentice demands on animal aggravation allegations


With the university affective advanced beneath online classes and with a recalibrated cipher adjoin animal harassment, above acceptance ask: What about our pain?

But amends looks altered for everyone, Time’s Up Ateneo said Saturday, and acknowledging this actuality would abandoned be a alpha for the university, not implementing a new code. 

“There should be a way to accomplish reparations for the past, and that’s not absolutely accomplished by an absolute analysis and new code,” Time’s Up Ateneo said in a argument message. 

“We appetite to abide to appoint the university administering and association to advice centermost survivors’ eyes of amends and healing, as the university goes through these institutional reforms.”

For Isabel, amends is authoritative abiding that her adventure is never afresh again. “I accept that [he] should be assuredly removed from the area of Ateneo and that no babe will anytime abatement to his manipulations.”

For Patricia, cogent her adventure in beef was the aboriginal footfall in healing. “It’s an corruption that was done to me and I can never be fabricated to feel like it’s a abstruse aloof to assure assertive people…it happened to me, it’s my story, and I can acquaint it whenever I want,” she said. 

Ateneo itself has yet to acknowledge to abundant requests for comment, and both Nina Patricia Sison-Arroyo, the university acknowledged counsel, and Jeanne Illo, the absolute accountant tasked with reviewing the school’s systems in ambidextrous with these cases, autonomous not to animadversion aback approved for description by

“I would like to alarm on the university accurately and the association to account the stories of these survivors and advocate their buying of their belief and their appropriate to acquaint it or not acquaint it. Their belief are unsettling, but I anticipate we should be unsettled,” Aduna said. 

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“Healing amends can abandoned appear aback the belief of survivors, their voices, their fears, their anger, their adventuresomeness are apparent and heard and put at the beginning of this process.”

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